Joyride is now Autura Marketplace!
Over the coming weeks, you’ll see our brand start to transition, but rest assured, we’re still the same leading marketplace for unclaimed and abandoned vehicles. Find out more at Autura.com
With Joyride, both buyers and sellers win.
We want more dealers and dismantlers who recognize unclaimed vehicles’ potential to help clear impound lots.
Joyride gives everyone the information they need to walk away with what they want. Our platform captures everything needed to buy or sell unclaimed autos: vehicle condition, photos, bidding rules, and transaction fees.
Big benefits, small costs
With Joyride, sellers of unclaimed vehicles reach an extensive audience of interested buyers. For buyers, Joyride delivers access to more real-time unclaimed auto inventory from your town and across the country.
Options and ease
From an easy-to-use web or mobile app to multiple payment and vehicle pick-up options, we designed every aspect of our vehicle auction solution to streamline sales and give more people access to the unclaimed auto marketplace.
Our team invests in the highest standards of privacy and security so sellers can safely upload or browse auction inventory from anywhere, and buyers can bid and pay for vehicles they want with confidence.